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About Plugged In Lawyer

Tracy Thrower Conyers HeadshotHi! I’m Tracy Thrower Conyers and I’m your host and moderator at

The short version of my background is that I was a 10+ year complex litigator when I took an accidental detour as an entrepreneur into the shiny and new world of online marketing for real estate professionals in 2002. After 5+ years in that space, I’ve rejoined the legal profession as a legal recruiter, matching highly credentialed attorneys with new opportunities. You can see the longer version of my “story” on LinkedIn. is my personal take on what lawyers can do with social media. Just as I hope and intend to connect with like-minded people who can help me grow my legal recruiting practice, you can follow my lead (through the steps outlined on this site) and connect with your own flavor of legal clients.

My own clients are sophisticated legal professionals (lawyers, law firms and corporate legal departments). If your clients are sophisticated B2B clients like mine, the blueprint I lay out here is perfect for you. Imitate what I’ve done with my blog and other social media profiles, and you will have a more complete social media strategy than most other “online lawyers.” Offline lawyers will be eating your dust.

If your clients are more consumer-oriented (“B2C”) than business to business (“B2B”), email me at tracy @ and I’ll share some great social media tips I picked up during my tour through the real estate industry.

Bottom line, I dig this stuff and I want to help more of my peers “come out and play.”  I am a longtime lawyer who took a spin in another industry where they grabbed the social media brass ring well before the legal industry, I talk to lawyers all day everyday and know their challenges, I love to teach and I’m pretty good at it.  Did I mention that I have a sense of humor?  And don’t forget my charming humility.  Put all that together and you get Plugged In Lawyer.

If you like me and what I share here, find ways to support my recruiting practice — praise me, refer me to highly credentialed associates and partners looking for new opportunities, make introductions to legal hiring authorities, and/or send the media my way. I recruit directly and through partners nationwide, so exposure anywhere in the country is beneficial for my business.

Think I’m just plain full of it?  I still welcome you to take my ideas about social media and go forth and prosper. All I ask is that you respect my copyright. Oh, and an occasional hat tip would be nice, too.

You’ll notice throughout this site that I often refer to “we.”  As I find more peers who want to play in the social media sandbox with me, my intention is to turn this site into more of a forum where we can all exchange ideas and collaborate on projects.  If you have something that you want to say now to other plugged in lawyers, submit your post ideas to guests @

Come out and play!

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