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Digital Resumes For Lawyers — The “How To” Part 1

September 20, 2011

The following is a multi-post “how to” series on setting up a digital resume like this one.  You can read the entire article here.

Whether you are a new attorney just starting to look for a job or whether you’re a seasoned pro getting ready to launch an all out campaign to raise your digital profile, you need a website with your marketing name on it as your base camp.

If you’re job hunting, this site is the perfect place to plant your resume.  I describe all the “how to” steps here.

Later, you can consolidate the pages you created for your resume site to one “about” page, and start building up your digital content with the rest of your site.

Why set up a site dedicated to a resume only?  A couple of reasons come immediately to mind.

First, you need to acquire a domain name with your professional name now, while it’s available, and start “seasoning” the name.  “Seasoning” is using the name in connection with content related to the domain name over a period of time to signal to the search engines that you’re not putting up a fly by night spam site.  Think “fine wine.”

Later, when you want to start building your professional online reputation as a thought leader, the search engines will already “trust” your site because it’s been around for a period of time with content that makes sense with the domain name.

Second, it is much easier to share your resume through social networking web platforms if you have a link, rather than a pdf of your usual written resume.

So, how do you get started?  That is up next in Digital Resumes For Lawyers — The “How To” Part 2.


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