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Social Media, Lawyer-Style

Need personalized social media training tailored to the legal industry for yourself or your staff?  Contact us.  For the DIY’ers in the crowd, enjoy the resources below.

Is Social Media A Fad?

The video below drives home just how entrenched social media has become in our culture.  Lawyers who ignore social media as a pillar of their marketing strategy do so at their peril.

A couple great posts for helping lawyers overcome resistance to social media:

Lawyers, Just Say Yes To Social Media

Social Networking — Old Concept, New Tools

Social Media For The Risk Averse

Um, Tell Me Again What Social Media Is

Still wondering exactly what social media is?  The people at Common Craft do an excellent job explaining complex subjects with three minute videos.  The video below is another homerun in explaining the complexities of this new thing called “social media.”

Creating Your Own Social Media Strategy

So, how to dive in and create your own flavors of ice cream?  Recommendations from Plugged In Lawyer appear below.  Some of this has been written by your Plugged In Lawyer Team and some of it has been written or produced by people far smarter or with more time on their hands.

Not quite ready to take this all on as a crazy DIY’er like me? Email us at pluggedinlawyer @ and we will be happy to recommend smart people who can help you out.

Blogging & Other Content Distribution Strategies

Using News Readers To Source Content For Your Blog

Setting Up Your Blog

WordPress Sites So Easy That Even A Lawyer Can Set Them Up

Lawyers, Blog Brilliantly

10 Tips For Starting Your Law Blog

Getting Your Core Content Circulated

Blogging About Court Is Off Limits

Online Is Forever

Social Networking

Totally Plugged In For Under $35

100 Reasons Lawyers Need A Strong Social Media Strategy

Way More Concerned With YEO Than SEO

3 Easy Steps To Killing Your Brand With Social Media

Social Networking For Lawyers — Old Concept, New Tools

Comprehensive Twitter Tutorial (video)

Social Media Monitoring 101, How To Get Started

Why “Love Matters” In Social Media

You’re Too Sensitive To Be On The Internet

Social Media Time Management:  9 Guiding Principles

How To Integrate Your Social Media Presence

5 Essential Pillars Of A Social Media Campaign

Top 5 Must-Read Social Media Books (as of 11/2009)


5 Important Web Video Lessons For Small Business Owners

HOW TO:  Build Your Personal Brand On YouTube

The Do’s & Don’ts Of Creating Original Video


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