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3 Easy Steps To Killing Your Brand With Social Media

October 2, 2009

Socialmediatoday posted an excellent article last week about the risks of dipping into the social media pool without a clear strategy and plan to execute that strategy.  These risks are especially compounded when your competitors are doing everything right.

Three Top Ways To Damage Your Brand With Social Media tells the tale of two cable companies who both launched customer service initiatives with social media, including twitter accounts with the names @TimeWarnerCares and @ComcastCares.

If you look at the Timewarner Twitter page, you’ll that Timewarner is completely disengaged from the process.  The only thing the company added to its page is its logo.  No tweeting, no following, no nothing.  Clearly Timewarner doesn’t “care.”

Contrast that with the Comcast Twitter page, where you see a custom background, a bio and photo for a real person with the chops to address customer service issues and over 36,000 tweets under his belt.  This is the very definition of engagement.

Timewarner might be able to get away with a lame social media strategy because customers don’t typically have a choice as to which cable company they do business with, but lawyers don’t enjoy the same luxury.  Your target clients have many choices.  Be a Comcast, not a Timewarner.

And by the way, even if your target clients have very few choices for service providers, don’t assume that a lame strategy can’t hurt you.  Between Timewarner and Comcast, which company do you suppose is attracting the best and the brightest employees?  At some point, clients and customers without real choice between providers start asking whether they really need the service at all.

Don’t be a “twit.”  Take socialmediatoday’s advice to heart and avoid these three brand damaging blunders at all costs:

  1. Starting a Twitter account and not using it (extra credit in the damage department if your handle is “we care”);
  2. Not tracking your brand in social media with monitoring tools (you can’t respond if you don’t track); and
  3. Starting a social media program, and not telling the rest of the company about it.

As I mentioned above, your target clients have many choices.  Be a Comcast, not a Timewarner.

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