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10 Tips For Starting Your Law Blog

October 5, 2009

From my “when you can’t say it any better yourself” file: 10 Tips For Starting Your Law Blog | Social Media Law Student

Every tip in this post is awesome, but one of his most valuable tips that doesn’t get enough press is to read other blogs to understand where your own blog fits in the specific blawgosphere and the general blogosphere, and to pick up content and style ideas.

What is the easiest way to keep up with other blogs?  Subscribe to their RSS feeds and spend 30 minutes a day reading them in your feed reader.  Yes, adding 30 minutes to your day might sound like a burden, but aren’t you already following the news?  Maybe you should spend less time reading traditional media and more time reading cutting edge media.  At this point in time, there is pretty much a blog to cover any news category that you’re interested in.  Send all your news to your reader and have a latte with it every morning.

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