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Where To Start Plugging In?

September 9, 2009

Here is your simple roadmap to social media success. Follow these steps and with a modest amount of effort, you too can be a plugged in lawyer. The true beauty of social media is that it is scalable. Put up the simple bones and see what aspects catch your fancy. You can spend more time, energy and money on those aspects later, but I encourage you to get the whole machine in motion.

Resist the temptation to be perfect (yes, I know how your lawyer brain works).  Just get your machine up and running.  Perfection is an evolutionary process.

If you get stuck, start by reading the Help!  I’ve Fallen And I Can’t Get Up post.  If you’re really stuck, email me at tracy @ and I’ll put you in touch with paid consultants who can help you with your process.  Don’t get lazy, though.  The web is all about transparency, and using paid consultants for everything gets a little obvious.

Each of the steps below has dozens of sub-steps, but I wrote this list the way I did to give you the biggest picture view possible.  Think of it like a checklist.  Follow the link for each big picture item to drill down to the detail steps.

Identify Your Personal Reasons For Plugging In

Identify Your Core Search Terms

Pick Your Handle

Set Up Base Camp

Outline & Execute Your LinkedIn Strategy

Outline & Execute Your Twitter Strategy

Identify Bonus Ways & Places To Plug In

Keep All The Balls In The Air Without Losing Your Mind

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