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And That’s Just How I Roll…

September 9, 2009

With my deepest gratitude, I acknowledge the following social media thought leaders (in no particular order) who have helped shape me into the plugged in lawyer I am today:

  • Marina Tarasov (the woman who started me on this journey)
  • Brian Clarke (recovering lawyer and blogger extraordinaire)
  • Jim Cronin (aka “The Real Estate Tomato”)
  • Dustin Luther (real estate social media pioneer)
  • Joseph Ferrara (recovering lawyer and real estate industry guru)
  • Jeff Turner (new media/technology god)
  • Active Rain (and its amazing community)
  • (for showing me there is room for irreverence in the law)

And this gratitude page would not be complete without a big hat tip to my spiritual thought leaders who shaped me into the kind of girl who could conceive a giveaway like this project:

And that’s how I roll!  With a lot of gratitude and love in my life.


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