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Yes Virginia, Social Media Does Apply To Law Firms

January 1, 2010

Jay Baer wrote a great post earlier this week titled Crushing The Myth of B2B Social Media.  He opens his post by saying that hardly a speech or webinar goes by where he isn’t asked “But all this social media stuff doesn’t apply to B2B right?”  This post got me to thinking about law firms, especially the big ones.

Now I haven’t been in a position to chat with a lot of law firms about their social media strategy, but it sure seems to me that they must be thinking along the lines of Baer’s audiences, because I’m still not seeing a lot of discussion about social media strategies in the legal news (which I follow quite closely) and I’m definitely not bumping into a lot of firms actively participating on the social media playgrounds where I frequently play.

What is this B2B issue raised by Baer’s audiences?  They believe that consumers are hanging out on Facebook, not businesses and, since most large law firms have and seek businesses as clients (get it?  B2B as in “business to business”), Facebook and other social media are not for them.

If an illusion that social media doesn’t apply to B2B businesses is the reason that law firms are resisting social media, law firms might be interested in the rest of Baer’s post, which opines that social media is probably more important for B2B companies than B2C companies.  Why?  Because B2B companies have a smaller potential customer base, a higher price point and a customer decision funnel that is more influenced by word of mouth and reputation.

Baer uses the examples of companies selling $10K pieces of manufacturing equipment versus sellers of $3 cans of potato chips, but he could just as well have been describing a high end law firm.  B2B companies still need to educate their buying audience and position themselves as thought leaders in their industry, and social media with its huge impact on search engine results is the current platform of choice to advance these goals.

So listen up law firms — if you want an efficient channel for demonstrating your expertise, educating your potential clients about why you’re the superior solution to their problems, monitoring what others are saying about you, and developing loyalists who will sing your praises on the world wide web for all to see, head on over to Baer’s blog and read his post.  And while you’re there, I highly recommend checking out his post titled 7 Ways To Use Social Media To Build Stunning Brands.

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15,740 Social Media Experts On Twitter — What’s A Lawyer To Do?

December 28, 2009

Blogger B.L. Ochman has been using Tweepsearch to follow the proliferation of social media gurus on Twitter.  She found 4,487 of them in May 2009.  Seven months later, she found almost 16,000, leading her to write Self-Proclaimed Social Media Gurus On Twitter Multiplying Like Rabbits.

Other bloggers are having fun with her numbers, including one that projected Twitter To Be Nearly Entirely Composed Of Social Media Experts By 2013.

This video also does an amusing job of portraying social media gurus as snakeoil salesmen.

Lawyers would be fools to ignore social media for growing their digital footprint and ultimately their practices, so what is a smart lawyer who needs a little guidance to do?  Turning to free sources without a sales agenda like Plugged In Lawyer is an excellent start.  😉  If you need more than do-it-yourself resources, Ochman recommends looking for the following characteristics in a social media consultant:

  • Somebody who brings solid social media experience to the table
  • Somebody who sells solutions, not formulas
  • Somebody who doesn’t promise that social media will provide a quick fix for your bottom line

Still stymied?  Email me at pluggedinlawyer @  I am an avid follower of the social media space (with a special eye toward how it impacts lawyers) and I can make suggestions regarding paid consultants.

Merry Marketing Carols

December 27, 2009

Oh, how I wish I was so clever!  Hubspot published a series of awesome marketing carols this year.  One of my favorites appears below.  You can see the others here, here and here.

I did get a very cool new Lumix camera for Christmas that shoots great video.  Maybe I can get my daughter to sing next year?  She’d beat Hubspot every day of the week with her cuteness factor.

Happy holidays from Plugged In Lawyer!

Top 5 Plugged In Lawyer Posts This Week

November 28, 2009

The following posts were most popular on Plugged In Lawyer this past week:

  1. Social Media ROI For Lawyers
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  4. Musical Gratitude For T-Day
  5. Way More Concerned With YEO Than SEO

And an older Tracy fave just for the heck of it:  Totally Plugged In For Under $35.

Happy holiday weekend, lawyer friends!  Come play with me next week on the wild wild web.


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Social Media ROI For Lawyers

November 27, 2009

You want ROI?  Watch this four minute video and then I dare you to give me one reason in the comments below why lawyers are not going to see a significant return on their investment in social media.

You give me an ROI challenge specifically related to lawyers and I’ll tell you why you’re all wet.  Deal?

As you’ll see in the video, the cost of doing nothing is a lot higher.

Musical Gratitude For T-Day

November 26, 2009

My new virtual friend, Terry Starbucker, purveyor of Half-Fullism, is celebrating T-Day today with A Musical Thanksgiving:  My Favorite Songs With ‘Thank You’ In The Title.

In honor of Terry, I headed over to and set up my own playlist of thank you songs.  Hat tip to another new virtual friend, Kristy, for turning me on to with this awesome song she recently tweeted.

Without further ado, five great songs to express my gratitude for T-Day:

  1. Alanis Morissette – Thank You
  2. Dido – Thank You
  3. Andrew Gold – Thank You For Being A Friend
  4. Bonnie Raitt – Thank You
  5. Otis Redding – I Want To Thank You

Have an awesome day!  It’s time for me to sign off and enjoy my fabulous family.

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