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Jump Start Your Legal Practice With Social Media

October 20, 2009

Cari Rincker posted a beautifully written paper on JD Supra called How Social Media Helped Jump Start My Practice.  In it she writes about quitting her job in Wyoming four months ago to relocate to New York and hang a shingle in an area of law she apparently had a passion for, but wasn’t practicing in Wyoming.

In her paper, Cari lays out a beautiful roadmap for any attorney to follow in establishing an effective social media strategy.  More importantly, she does an excellent job of demonstrating how and why she is connecting with her desired audience with her efforts.  As she points out, connecting with your desired audience starts with defining that audience and making sure that you’re writing to them, not somebody else.

Success with Cari’s strategy is self-evident in the post.  She lays out the facts like a skilled advocate and a reader can’t help but come to her intended conclusion.

I’m used to reading slick marketing white papers on the web, so it still cracks me up to see something less flashy that screams “lawyer” like Cari’s piece, but she did a beautiful job of blending the two worlds of law and social media.

For the traditionalists out there, you’ll really appreciate the style in which she writes the paper.  If you know me from prior posts, you know that I tend toward the flashier web 2.0 marketing style, but as a lawyer, I can still appreciate a good footnote or two.

Job well done, Cari!  I’m in total awe that you dropped everything to follow your passion.  You, in my humble opinion, are the new face of law.  You go, girl!


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