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Ready For Twalking??

September 26, 2009

Still trying to figure out this Twitter thing?  One clever, envelope-pushing company is already on to the next newer thing — phone calls with Twitter.

Web-based phone service JAJAH just released JAJAH@Call in beta, giving participating members the ability to call each other, free of charge, through Twitter.

To make a call, simply send a tweet with“@call @twittername” where “twittername” is the username of the person you wish to call. Your phone will then ring and the call will be connected. All contact details will be kept private, so you can use JAJAH@call without giving your phone number away. For the call to be successful, both you and the person you wish to call must be JAJAH members.

Calls are limited to 2 minutes, ostensibly the talking equivalent of a tweet.  As Mashable points out, you’re not going to know who is calling because the phone number won’t show up, but hey, you’re only on the hook for 2 minutes at the most.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your twalkers.

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