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Follow Your Twitter News With The Twitter Times

September 19, 2009

Twitter Times is a personalized newspaper generated from your Twitter account.  Think feedreader with a twist — the news presented is curated by your social circle. The site looks at all the people you follow on Twitter and finds their tweets with links in them.

Unlike a feedreader where you only get a straight stream of stories, Twitter Times considers and ranks stories based on how many people have tweeted the same link, both within your personal social circle and outside your circle.  You get both a “What’s Hot” section with the new information and a “Top News History” section with the links that more people tweet.

According to Tech Crunch, Twitter Times is similar to Tweetmeme with its stream of news and TweetMixx with its use of your social graph, but potentially more compelling because of its newspaper-style visual layout.  I find it interesting that “newspaper” is being used to describe a new idea.  Are we getting nostalgic for the “good ole days” already?

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